The Yontex Car Charger as a flashy looking charger with a USB QC 3.0 Port alongside a USB C PD 5V 3A Port Quick Charge. Added to this is a small Car Air Purifier to Eliminate Smoke, Allergen and Bad Odor.

You can pick up the Yontex from Amazon for only £16.99 with, at time of posting, an additional £3 off.

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Release millions of anions to neutralize with the bad stuff in the car air, producing oxygen to purify the car air, reduce the bad odors, smoke and allergens effectively.
Standard USB QC 3.0 port delivers 18W (12v 1.5A) of charging power at full speed.
PD USB Type C port output can reach 5V 3A.
LED display shows the real-time current and voltage.
24-Month Warranty: 24-hour reply, 30-day money back, 24-month warranty.