The Leyeet Solar Fountain Pump is something a little different for the channel. A garden gadget that I have seen several variants of for sale on Amazon. This is designed for a Bird Bath, however, as this is essentially a submersible water pump it could make for an interesting water feature for the creative mind. My wife has ideas to put it to work in a Belfast sink she plans on renovating. Could be used in a small Pond, pool, or on a garden patio as a decoration.

Product description, with a few amendments for English:

  • SOLAR POWERED: With the highly efficient solar panel, this solar fountain pump has an excellent capacity for solar power collection, making it an energy saving and environment-friendly choice. This works perfectly in full, direct and constant sunlight. Please place your fountain in an area that can get good sun exposure with no shades or shadows. It starts automatically and fast after 3 seconds in bright sunlight and delivers a nice tall, continuous and steady flow of water.
  • NOZZLE ATTACHMENTS FOR DIFFERENT EFFECTS: This solar power pump comes with several different types of spray heads for different spray height and pattern. The height of the spray depends on the amount and intensity of sunlight. In full sun, the maximum height of the spray is 80cm/27.5inch. You can choose the nozzle tip according to to the size of your birdbath/ponds.
  • SUBMERSIBLE AND FLOATING WATER PUMP: You can make it floating around your ponds or pools and spraying some water out on the ground. It also allows you to use the suction cups on the bottom of the pump to stabilize it on the centre of the birdbath. The integrated solar panel captures sufficient sunlight to drive the tiny pump even when it is submerged in water.
  • SAFE AND EASY INSTALLATION&MAINTENANCE: No extra screws and no plugs are needed.No electric outlet or battery is needed, so it is easy and safe to assemble and use this water pump. It needs a little maintenance regularly, but it is very simple to disassemble the unit and clean the debris off the pump intake filter.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATION: It helps you to attract birds who enjoys the water movement in the bird bath fountain where they can have a bath, cool themselves and getting a drink from it in hot summer. It is a must buy to decorate your garden, patio, yard, backyard, fish tank, small pond, pool etc. It is also ideal for oxygen aeration and water circulation to keep the mosquitoes/insects from breeding.

You can grab one from Amazon here: