Roffie White Noise Machine is a Sleep assisting Sound Machine with a night light for Babies, Kids and Adults. 30 preset sounds to aid sleep therapy are built in. Designed for Baby bedroom, home nursery and adult assistance. USB Powered.

Currently available from Amazon for £39.99.

At time of publishing price has been reduced to £34.99

Features from Amazon:

Multi-functonal Design: Noise maker ,sleep soother and night light integrate together like a unit–Roffie N600 white noise machine. The sound machine comes with more practical features with 30 HiFi sounds, customized light brightness, timer and memory and volume level. It can be a helpful sound machine for baby kids or adults for sleeping and relaxation.

Nice Parenting Helper: Roffie sleep sound machine works together with parents to help baby to feel safe, get ready for sleep(I), fall asleep (II), and finally being asleep (III) with white noise. Parents would get more time for own things after the period III.Roffie white noise machine is a no-brainer for every parents.

Breathing Night light: helps baby react to the dark night and see . The warm orange glow is perfect as a night light for soothing and also to help change nappies or feeding in the middle of the night. The light can cycle through from a low to high intensity of the light or let it stayt in a certain brightness.

Reliable Life Partner–Still suffer noise from traffic? neighbor? barking? snoring? Turn on the Roffie white noise machine, let magic happens. Choosing your ideal white noise draft you back to the restful world.

Adjustable Volume: from 0-100 dB,make it ideal for any age.

Fancy Gift Choice: Cream-colored machine with well- packaged and proved by thousands of babies and moms, Roffie white noise machine is product customer-controlled and have been proved by thousands of babies and moms. Your purchased is backed on 2-year warranty. You are enjoying 12h-real-time reply for any of your problem.