There are several options for motion sensing lighting around the house and having some as fexible as the Sencam light we have here becomes problematic. If you have a positon in mind then this is a great get. The 3M tape on the back has a long magnetic strip on it allowing the user to easily remove the light once installed to charge.

However, if you are thinking about were it should go or have a couple of locations in mind then you are not going to be able to test very many out as once the 3m tape is in place then you are going to have to stick with it. And at around £17 for one you are best doing your thinking before had.

Here I pull apart the packaging and have a quick play with the light and the quality is quite good. A couple of bumps along the way may concern potential customers, however, this is not really going to handled very much save for the charging it might require once a week or perhaps fortnight depending on how much use it gets.

You can grab one from Amazon here.

LED Motion Sensor Lights, using the passive infrared technology, switch to “1” or “3” motion sensing auto turn on as soon as you are within 10 feet and stay on as long as you are moving.

Once you are still for a few seconds, or walk out of range, they turn off immediately. These lights can provide an excellent lighting at an advantage of being fixed as well as portable if need be.

Best USB Rechargeable motion light for your closet cabinet, wardrobe kitchen cabinets, stairs, hallway, bathroom garage night lighting strips and so on.

With Sencam Motion Sensor Lights, you can…
– Say good bye to bumping into stuff in the dark.
– Comfort kids who are afraid of the dark.
– Cheaper to run than ceiling lights.

◆Warm Reminder
If you switch to” Motion&Light Sensor Mode”, please put the light in totally dark space, in this case the sensor will be very sensitive, otherwise it may influence the light’s sensitivity. (if switch to “motion sensor mode, the sensor function will not be influenced by the ambient light)
For the sensor range is 10ft, 60-degree, when installing the light bar, please put the sensor ball in position just face to the direction you walk toward to, so that it can fully detect the motion

1. LED Qty: 40pcs
2. Lumen: 280lm
3. Size: 300mmX30mmX14mm
4. Package Weight: 146g
5. Sensor Range: 3-5m
6. Sensor Angle: 120 degree
7. Voltage: USB 5V(Charging)
8. Wattage: 2.8W(MAX)
9. Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
10. Charging: RED light
11. Fully charged: BLUE light
12. Charge Time: 3-5 hours