Outside security lights are notoriously pricey beasts that cost quite a bit upfront, can be difficult to install and run up the electricity bill when in use. time s are changing though, this 10w light is a small LED-based motion sensor flood light that costs almost £16, can be installed relatively easily and it’s reportedly 80% more efficient than a typical halogen lamp. Here we take a look at what you get and I think you will be surprised!


Upgradation: Packed with 30 led special chips and sealed by COB, Multi LED good Concentrated light, uniform beam.

Energy Saving: Achieve the same 60W halogen bulb Equivalent lighting, Save 80% on the electricity bill, Outdoor Waterproof IP66.

Efficiently: Heat conducted by an aluminium plate, Low thermal resistance, resistant to high voltage and high electric current. Without the risk of light malfunction high-power LED light source, small light decay, high efficiency LED power supply, high stability.

Application: Large indoor and outdoor use for basketball and football pitches, garden, car park, hotel, and forecourt.

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty, 90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee Or Get a new one as a replacement.

You can grab one off Amazon here.