An Adjustable laptop stand for the bedroom or … meadow is a luxury that most would forgo. however, the prices of this hare incredibly low not and they are incredibly flexible. Suiting most walks of life the adjustable laptop stand from Mbuynow isn’t solely for one place, in fact, it can be adjusted in a number of different configurations to suit your need. The features include:

360 ° adjustable joints and height adjustable (5cm-50cm) – Our height-adjustable laptop table can be rotated by 360 degrees thanks to the joints. It can be aligned in any angle or position. With this laptop stand, you can make yourself comfortable with your computer, whether you want to work on the bed, sofa, desk, carpet or lawn.

This laptop stand is made of aluminum alloy, 1.7 kg in weight Lightweight: materials such as aluminum and plastic ensure a low weight and the stand can easily be carried from room to room.

Adjustable mouse tray for remote controls: The mouse tray is to be mounted on the right.

The tabletop with air grooves for laptop cooling: protect your laptop from overheating. Mouse Board Dimensions: 18 * 16cm

For the eyes, a height-adjustable laptop table is an advantage: By working long hours on a notebook or PC, the eyes dry out faster. The right height and distance for the vision, makes the eyes work more relaxed.

You can grab one from Amazon here.