Playing Fortnite on your mobile must be a pain on the touchscreen. GameSir has a great solution for you. A £79.99 optional extra that can give you extreme accuracy and a more comfortable grip of your device.

Equipped with a Type-C Mobile Game Controller your Android Phone slips into the unit to allow the player use of the 51° Movable Wired Joystick, Plug and Play E-Sports Gamepad.

There is no battery to worry about and features clickable analog thumbsticks.

You can grab one from Amazon here.

Features listed on Amazon:

No input delay: GameSir X2 controller comes with a Type-C port direct connection, which considerably reduces the time required for the device’s signal to reach the mobile phone and create the most advantageous situation for players. It supports Microsoft xCloud, Google stadia, Vortex and so on.

Ultra-low Power Consumption: Mobile Game Controller require no batteries. No need to pair or charge to achieve plugging and playing. Players can charge phone through Type-C port directly while device is in use. GameSir X2 consumes only 2mAh battery per hour from the connected phone.

Screenshot function and moveable Type-C port: With a special screenshot button, players can record the moments of victory anytime. Moveable feast Type-C plug, the adjustable range is up to 51°, which allows you to plug and unplug your mobile phone at easements, and protect it from damages.

Stretch Design: It can be stretched and clamped on a variety of Type-C Android phones (Max 167 mm), The internal spring is durable and can withstand long-term expansion and countless stretches. It is small and portable for easy transport.

Ergonomic design: the soft rubber grip that can provide a comfortable hand-held feeling to ensure players will not feel tried for a long gaming time, there is a gap in between the phone and X2 to ensure air circulation, prevent the phone from heating.

You can grab one from Amazon here.