There is a solution to every problem. This rechargeable motion light with a magnetic stick-on mounting will likely be the solution to many people’s problems around the house. Be it a dark wardrobe. A guide to the bathroom at night for the elderly or a child. Or perhaps something more permanent like a light source you can take with you in a dark shed attic or garage.

Here is a video of my initial thoughts.

The case is a fairly strong aluminium with a plastic strip across the front. Under this are 40 LEDs that emit a bright, low powered, glow. In the middle of the plastic panel is a plastic (removable) bubble were the motion sensor lies in wait. The blurb suggests the motion sensor light is housed under an advanced anti-glare panel. I call it fairly transparent plastic that does the job.

The motion sensor can detect movement of a person in a range of around 10 feet. The description states there is a 120° angle for detection but depending on which way you mount this, you might get different results, vertically appears to have less of an angle. Once the motion sensor is activated and the LEDs are on, the unit will automatically turn off after 15 seconds if there is no motion thereafter.

The use of the energy-saving LEDs allows the 1000mHA rechargeable battery allows the unit to operate for a long time. Obviously, this depends on how often it is activated. In my shed, somewhere I go at the weekend and rarely at night, the light lasted almost a month before I had to charge. However, having my father-in-law to stay for a week and his frequent bathroom runs during the night gave the light a good workout and it lasted a full week. I saw it die on the last night of his visit when I set it up. This was using it over 7 days on half power.

A full charge through USB can take around 3 hours from empty to full and there are four working modes. Off and On being two of these. The other two are full brightness and half brightness and in the middle of the night, half brightness is plenty bright.

The one stroke of genius here is the mounting method. I expected screws or plastic hooks. Instead, you have a stip of metal with 3m tape along the back. You put this up and the light sticks to it, easy to remove and charge then remount, you can even do it in the dark. However, as the magnets are in the back of the light you can actually mount it to anything metal meaning once you have decided where it is going, you can move it temporally and attach it to a radiator or metal shelf in another location.

You can grab one from Amazon for £17.99 here