Anyone with a pair of Airpods is probably going to want an elegant charging solution. Something that sits tidily on a desk and blends in with the good-looking Apple aesthetic. Oittm have manage to blend their charging case into the feel of an Apple product whilst managing to keep itself unique and different. The design features a shiny, white plastic surface with a grey tone to mix it up. Subtle yet elegant. A bulbous base adds a larger footprint and whilst this isn’t unwelcome it does occupy a much large amount of space than it needs to.

The AirPods slot into the top of the unit, inside a smooth rubberised pit with a lightning connector at the bottom. décor. Best charging companion for your AirPods Case, make your desk neat and less clutter.

The cable connected to a full-sized USB connection, compatible with most computers and desks. The charging unit draws 5V or 2.4A and charges quickly and quietly, a no-fuss approach. Dropping your Airpods will see them charged from 0% to 100% in an hour or so. A small LED light illuminates to let you know things are happening. 

There are a couple of things I like about the Oittm, particularly, the charging unit itself. The silicon material used in scratch resistant. The Airpods fit snuggly in and this would likely cause problems down the line with continued use, however, the silicon will not damage your charge container. You can leave your case charging in the unit and continue to use your Airpods.

Additionally, the bottom of the unit has a non-slip, rubberised material used and a little additional weight to keep it in place when you are popping the case in pulling it out. A nice touch that leads to a much more present experience is it stays put when you need it to.

Oittm has created something of a luxury item that I’m sure would complete several desks out there, especially for those who are fussed about wires and chargers taking over their work/play space. At the price of £21.99 it might be a little hard to justify, however, it’s a great luxury for an Airpod user. Adding Oittm’s 30-day money back guarantee and 18 months hassle free warranty, this is a pretty good deal.

You can grab the Oittm Charger Stand for your AirPods from Amazon for £21.99 here.