As a youngster, I would have done anything for my own pair of binoculars. The family set was kept out of reach from the children for fear of damage. Now, it is possible to jump on a website and grab a set for under £20. One might expect a pair of cheaply made binoculars that will last a week or two. Instead, Maluokasa is offering something quite surprising.

Of course, you could not expect a metal body for £20. Plastic is what’s on the go here. The plastic used is fairly good quality and there is a noticeable, higher quality feel to the pair. The build will withstand a little bit of rough treatment, however, they will not withstand too much abuse.

On the bottom of the unit are a couple of rubber feet. This is a nice addition as it provides a little stability when setting on the dashboard or window sill. Little details like this show that the designers were working on making something useable and not just rubbish.

Where I did feel find the binoculars were let down was the peripherals. Firstly, the strap was obviously not designed for the binoculars and are likely an afterthought. The loops for the strap on the binoculars are too small for the strap to slip through., Instead they have to be forced and this results in some bunching of the trap. The strap itself is fine and strong, it will just take an adult to fit it to the camera.

The other small annoyance was the bag. Cheap faux velvet jewelry back really doesn’t suit the product. I can understand why it has been used, however, it does not provide adequate protection and the binoculars are not simple to slip in or out of. Traditional a customer would likely expect a little leather pouch, they a belt hoop. This would need to be purchased elsewhere. I guess something is better than nothing, but keep this in mind as you might want to pick up a better case.

The package doesn’t contain lens caps, which is a missed opportunity. Most the binoculars come with at least front lens caps, again these would need to be picked up elsewhere and it might be hard to find the perfect size.

However, the binoculars themselves provide a crisp and satisfying experience. They are incredibly easy to use and my 6-year-old son was using them constantly. Once the focus was set he was able to make out all sorts of things fairly far away.

These are a great purchase for kids and I would easily recommend them. They are well built, for the price, and simple to use. Kids should have a set, let them see the world, it’s much better looking than the TV!