AOC’s new line of AGON displays will have gamers rejoicing. They feature decent specs and features intended to enhance the gaming experience, all at a lower than normal price.

Here we are looking at the AG271QG with its 165Hz refresh rate easily noticeable and results in much smoother animation and G-Sync to eliminate screen tearing.

Looking around the screen we have a solid metal base with an easily constructed mechanism to allow travel when in position. The underside of this stand is rubberised to avoid slippage. A large, square hole on top of this allowing cable management.

The stand can be raised and lowered as well as rotated and pivoted around to be used in portrait mode. There is also the ability to tilt back and forwards. AOC have equipped the stand with what’s called an Ergo Dial, An arrow that points to a reference to keep the screen at an exact height. Very simple, with a fancy name, however, it’s easy to accident move your screen and especially when you are tinkering with the setup.

The rear of the display is plastic, however, it has a smooth looking red backing plate, complete with an embossed AOC logo. A lot of effort for an area that generally stares at a wall. However, die-hard gamers will probably prefer to know it’s like that even if they can’t see it.

A nice touch, that has it’s limited is a holder for your headphones at the side. An arm pulls down to the right of the screen and allows a list pair of headphones to be dangled from it. This arm won’t take much weight and will probably give in if your headphones are particularly heavy. The arm cannot be relocated to the other side, so if like me, you have a dual screen setup with a second screen to the right then you will not be able to use it.

The Agon has really impressed me with their connectivity options. Under the screen are two USB 3.0 ports. Additionally, there are two at the side, under the headphones arm, one of which is coloured yellow as this has fast charging capability built in. A fantastic addition. Above these are headphones and microphone in connections. 

Additionally, there are two display connections, an HDMI and a DP. There is also a microphone out socket

The bezel has a textured matte black plastic with a light brushed plastic effect and screen also has a matte finish, to avoid screen glare. The screen AOC have used is a IPS panel, and what we get are improved viewing angles and a slightly brighter and crisper picture. However, there is a downside as IPS normally suffer from slower response times than TN technology. This is a bugbear of many gamers out there. A longer response time can result in lag that affects fast action gameplay. AOC has have chosen a panel with a response time of 4ms, and this is the lowest we have seen in an IPS display.

The to the bottom right of the screen is the menu system and on-screen display. This is a problem will nearly all manufacturers. That are generally a chore to navigate. AOC’s new design is pretty easy to use and simple to navigate.

Overclocking to 165Hz needs to be enabled in the menus first. This not on by default, the AG271QG operates at 144Hz out of the box. Overclocking requires a reboot of the screen before it can take effect, meaning everything you have plugged into the USB’s will turn off and on. Blue Light reduction has also been included with a number of colour temperature presets.

The speakers on the Agon’s speakers are fine for typical desktop notifications, however, playing a game on them is not recommended. They certainly are not terrible however the do like any punch you would see even from cheaper speakers. However, they are considerably better than most other built-in offerings we have seen recently.

This is an expensive screen, however, it is cheaper than most of the competition in the 144Hz IPS G-Sync displays market and this goes to 165Hz. The higher refresh and connectivity options make this is a winner and even though some things are a little half-baked, like the headphone arm, it’s great that this is even an option than not included at all.

At the time of publishing the AOC Agon AG271QG is available for £448.00 from