Yoop, an entertainment company developing products to help creators distribute content directly to fans, has announced the global expansion of its interactive virtual events platform, Yoop eSpace.

Yoop eSpace launched in Montreal, Canada in June, showcasing the platform’s advanced interactive functionality at scale through multiple events including public speakers, musical performances, and stand-up comedy. Yoop also teamed up with several content providers to raise funds for COVID-19.

The Yoop eSpace events can be joined simultaneously by millions of fans around the world while featuring live visual and audio interaction between artists and fans through its new-to-market virtual on-stage experience. This feature allows artists and creators to bring fans virtually on-stage via digital screens for real-time interaction, creating a direct connection between the audience and creators, and capturing energy from fans that is often lost in traditional live-streaming performances.

Today, in addition to the deployment in Montreal, Canada, Yoop announced plans to develop Yoop eSpace venues in LA, the New York greater area, and Nashville in the US, and in the UK. These venues will be specifically configured for the platform’s interactive livestream experiences, allowing creators to easily create and distribute high-quality, interactive, virtual content. Camera angles, sound setup, and other logistic details are designed to provide an unparalleled level of production quality for an online and interactive live entertainment.

Fans can discover, view, and purchase access to Yoop eSpace events all in one platform directly through the Yoop app or website. Public events are offered on a pay-per-view basis, some with an option for 24-hour replay, and the platform offers a hosted event option for private audiences.

The platform and physical venue are customisable for a wide range of event types, including concerts, athletic events, interactive interviews, meet & greets, corporate presentations, and more.

Yoop eSpace events are accessible on the Yoop app via the App Store or Google Play, or on the website yoop.app. Each event is priced individually. For more information on the Yoop eSpace, please visit yoop.app.