Sony has today announced a new wireless glass sound speaker – the LSPX-S3. With an organic glass tweeter and candlelight mode. The LSPX-S3 creates a perfect blend of sound and illumination for an instantly cosy atmosphere anywhere in the home.

Crystal clear sound

This minimalistic and elegant portable home speaker uses its design to produce stunning sound quality. This is thanks to the inclusion of Advanced Vertical Drive Technology in the LSPX-S3, which uses three Actuators that discreetly attach to the end of the organic glass. Vibrating the entire glass tweeter to spread sound in every direction.

The LSPX-S3 produces clear and powerful high tones from the organic glass tweeter. Spreading the sound evenly so whatever kind of music you enjoy you can be sure it will fill every corner of the room whilst creating a cosy atmosphere. 

Plus the LSPX-S3 features a 46mm speaker unit that creates a well-balanced mid-range, and a passive radiator that enhances clear low-end notes. If you want to add more bass, simply select “Bass Boost mode” in the Sony | Music Center app. The LSPX-S3 is Bluetooth® compatible, featuring LDAC technology for high quality sound transmission,

You can also connect two Glass Sound Speakers with stereo pair so that each speaker can act as a left or right audio channel.

Blends into any home

Whether waking you up in the morning, or casting a soft glow over your living room, the elegant design blends into your home seamlessly. The base is in a mineral silver colour with a satin finish and features a fabric bottom. The subtle design, smooth surface and high-quality metal finish ensures that the LSPX-S3 will fit effortlessly into any room. 

Light up your night

Enhance the atmosphere of your home with the candlelight mode. This setting provides a subtle illumination that flickers like a candle, bright for general use, or delicate for winding down at night. You can even sync the light to pulse in time with your music. The LSPX-S3 has four different lighting modes and 32 brightness levels. You can adjust the brightness to suit the mood with by simply sliding the touch sensor.

The Glass Sound Speaker is your perfect night-time companion, allowing you to relax with music and a gentle light. You can set a sleep timer to help control when you go to bed and relax for the night. The LSPX-S3 features a built-in microphone, so you can take business calls from anywhere in the home. Making working from home a more enjoyable experience.   

The LSPX-S3 is small and compact. Plus with up to 8 hours of battery life, and featuring USB Type-C® charging for convenient connectivity, you can take it wherever you go and light up any room with illumination, music and atmosphere.

Environmentally friendly design

The speaker isn’t only designed to be stylish, but also with the environment in mind. Less than 10% of the packaging material is made from plastic, reflecting Sony’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its product and practices. 

This product is not suitable for household room illumination purpose

The LSPX-S3 is available from August 2021 priced at approximately €350.