The NVIDIA Shield TV really needs no introduction. This Android TV box is the top of the heap for the smart TV set-top box market if you are not embedded in Apple’s ecosystem. However, the Shield is still rocking the similar specs to those it first launched with, namely:

Processor -NVIDIA Tegra X1
OS – Android
Storage- 16GB internal
External storage – 2x USB3.0
Resolution – Up to 4K
Dolby Vision – No
Dolby Atmos – Yes
Wifi – 802.11ac
Bluetooth – 4.1LE
Also features: Gigabit Ethernet, remote control, Shield game controller

Nvidia has never felt the need to upgrade the hardware in the 4 years since it launched and this is quite rare for hardware. Having happily had various Roku products hooked up to my TVs around the house I have taken the risky step of moving to another system after finding two of the three Roku remotes I have inexplicably stopped working within weeks of each other.

A dangerous time to move platforms, especially to 4-year-old hardware, however, the recent price drop, the addition of Google Assistant and all hardware in one box have made this a viable candidate for purchase, even if Nvidia was to announce a refresh anytime soon.