Sennheiser has been in pursuit of perfect sound for over 70 years. Have they achieved perfect clarity and comfort with the OCX 686G Sport edition?

These earphones are priced at £79.99 on Amazon much to my dismay they are wired.  I have struggled for years untangling wired earphones and lamentably using wired earphones again feels like a step back in time. I am a huge fan of Bluetooth headphones and being wireless, however, the perfectionists at Sennheiser promise a tangle free experience with their latest earphones.

Out of the box, the earphones are an eye popping electric green colour and once removed from the packaging they unbelievably untangle with ease. These are earphones with ergonomic ear clips.

As a glasses wearer, I already have a lot going on behind my ears but I was willing to give these earphones a fair trial with and without my glasses.  The ear clip promises secure fit and wearing comfort and the sealed in ear canal design will help block out noise and improve bass response to help improve the users’ musical enjoyment.

There is an inline volume control with a microphone that is compatible with android, windows mobile and Blackberry devices. There is an i-phone version of these headphones also available. Sennheiser has included steritouch ear adapters which provide anti-bacterial freshness after a lifetime of washes.

The sound quality from the earphones is amazing. Sennheiser has reached perfection the earphones clipping over the ear and create an ambiance of a personal concert as the noise canceling ear buds fit impeccably in my ears. Normal earphones do not have the same stay in impact. When going for a jog the wire did not annoy me as much as I thought it would. The advantage of being wired means no sound loss. No matter what the brand of Bluetooth earphones I have always experienced a drop out of sound.

I did have a bit of trouble attaching the earphones over my ears when wearing my glasses. With practice, I discovered that if I put my earphones on then my glasses I managed to find a balance.

Even though I was apprehensive at the beginning using these earphones I found them providing me a fantastic immersive sound experience. I would highly recommend them for anyone who loves listening to music, watching a film or for use during exercise and wants to experience the next level of sound.

Frequency Response 18 – 20,000 Hz

Acoustic Design Sealed Acoustics Block outside Noise (Best For Indoor Use)

Impedance 20 Ohms

Sound Pressure Level 120 dB

Remote and Mic Yes

Compatibility Yes Compatible with most smartphones and portable players (including Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry devices)

Pickup Pattern Omni-directional microphone

Cable Length/Connectors 1.2 M symmetrical cable/3.5mm low profile angled plug