Avantree HT4189 Wireless Headphone Transmitter Set is a handy headphone for the home or office that allows the user to binge watching late at night. Or perhaps you live in a noisey household and you need to concentrate on the TV or need the freedom of walking around the house listening to the TV without Bluetooth?

This middle of the price bracket might be the perfect combination of value and quality. the Avantree HT4189 Wireless Headphone Transmitter Set features:

True to the term ‘Plug & Play’, our headphones and Bluetooth transmitter connect automatically once turned on – so you don’t need to pair them.
Whether you are playing games on your PC or watching your favorite show on the latest model of TV, our HT4189 offers the flexibility and compatibility with any devices with optical, AUX / 3.5mm or RCA audio out ports.
Our headset offers the convenience and flexibility of being used both with the included transmitter or with other Bluetooth transmitting devices – including your phone, PC or TV! The transmitter can also be paired with other Bluetooth receiving devices including other headphones or speakers in your home.
Featuring a Qualcomm chipset, our HT4189 headphones allow you to binge watch your favorite series on Netflix, catch the highly anticipated game, or pop in your favorite video with high quality sound and in perfect synchronization. Featuring Dual Link technology, our Audikast transmitter allows you to share the experience with your family or friends with the addition of a 2nd headset.
Featuring Bluetooth Class I technology, our Audikast transmitter works up to 100ft! Though this range may be affected by physical or wireless interference, Audikast gives you the ability to roam free while you get the ultimate sound quality experience.

You can grab a set from Amazon here.