With the gaming headset HADOW as well as with the charging stations JAZZ and TWINDOCK, Speedlink delivers the ideal equipment with which you are perfectly prepared for the next gaming sessions.

Rich sound with the SPEEDLINK HADOW gaming headset

The HADOW provides the optimal gaming experience with its balanced stereo sound. It can be conveniently connected to the controller, so that enough moving space is offered during action-packed gaming sessions. In addition to the rich sound and clear voice transmission, the HADOW impresses with its compact and modern design. It has particularly soft over-ear ear cups that fit perfectly on your head and guarantee the best wearing comfort.

SPEEDLINK JAZZ USB Charger for Xbox Series X/S

The JAZZ USB Charger charges the wireless controllers for the Xbox Series X/S quickly and reliably. The compact charging station can be operated directly on the console or on any other USB port (minimum 500mA). The JAZZ has a secure hold and up to two controllers can be charged simultaneously.

SPEEDLINK TWINDOCK Charging System for PS5

The TWINDOCK charging system ensures that the PS5 controllers are ready for the next gaming adventure. The charging system charges two controllers simultaneously, quickly and reliably. Thus long waiting times are a thing of the past. The convenient plug-in system with mini-safe plugs ensures that the controllers are held securely. Due to the small size and the practical arrangement of the charging slots, the stylish charging station can be used anywhere, and the controllers are always at hand.


All three products are available now:

HADOW Gaming Headset (UVP: 29,99 €)

JAZZ USB Charger for Xbox Series X/S (UVP: 29,99 €)

TWINDOCK CHARGING System for PS5 (UVP: 29,99 €)

More information and even more products for the new consoles on: https://www.speedlink.com