Evercade have announced the VS, a new, compact home console that works in conjunction with their current library.

A refreshingly old school design mirrors the design of the original Evercade yet whilst the original encouraged solo play, the VS focuses on playing together. Think back to those moments in front or the TV with a Nintendo or Sega doing battle with your pal or sibling.

This does quite end at simple battles, there are four USB sockets on the front, meaning four player action will occur without the need for extra adapters, just additional controllers.

In a welcome move Evercade VS uses the same cartridge system as Evercade Handheld allowing for compatibility with the extensive library already available. Additionally, inside the machine there is a second cartridge slot and the mind boggles at the potential.

Under the hood, the Evercade VS runs a Quad Core 1.5 Ghz processor and outputs at 1080p Full HD resolution. A new addition to Evercade is WiFi to allow firmware updates and operational improvements. Additionally, Evercade mention in the launch material that the WiFi can be used to receive games, however no storage options have been listed at this time. Might an online store be around the corner? Unlikely, as Evercade is a collector’s console.

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