For the gamer with the need for neon, LED and a continual glow the PC has plenty of customisable parts, however, who would ever think of the Mouse Mat have strip lighting. Speedlink have managed to fill the gap, a mouse pad with its red light pipe surround and black fabric surface, the Fieris Illuminated Gaming Mousepad combines style and precision – plus it’s compatible with all optical and laser mice. It looks really cool and impressive when the lights are turned down low – or even better: in the dark. Ready for a powerful gaming atmosphere? Besides its outstanding gliding responsiveness, this mousepad will stay rooted to the desktop thanks to its non-slip backing. And thanks to its 150 cm USB cable, you can position your mousepad freely and let your gaming skills rip without obstruction.

  • Gaming mousepad
  • Atmospheric red glow (lightpipe surround).
  • Maximum precision
  • Smooth textile surface for minimal friction.
  • USB powered
  • Outstanding gliding responsiveness.
  • Grippy non-slip backing for maximum slip-resistance.
  • Compatible with all optical and laser mouse sensors.
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 25.5 x 0.4 cm (LxWxD).
  • USB cable included (150 cm).

Gaming gets magical

Black as night – red as fire. Immerse yourself in a powerful gaming atmosphere and prove your prowess in your gameplay. It’s not only athletes and programmers who can be ‘wired in’ – gamers can be too. So switch your Fieris on, grab your mouse and get gaming.

Speed and accuracy

Are two essential skills for great gaming performance. Whether you’re a high-sense or low-sense gamer, the Fieris Illuminated Gaming Mousepad ticks every box, forming the basis of every gaming adventure with its smooth fabric surface and grippy non-slip backing. And it doesn’t matter whether you use an LED or a laser mouse.

For space-savers

The Fieris is as wide and long as a typical mousepad, so it doesn’t eat up any additional space. With its non-slip backing, the pad stays rooted to the desk, while its 150 cm USB cable means it’s easy to connect to a PC/USB AC adapter and position on your desktop. Its micro-USB port is located out of the way on the top right-hand corner, giving your mouse the freedom to glide around.

The Speedlink Fieris Illuminated Mousepad Unboxing might set you back £32.49 however it’s styling is certainly something worth paying for. You can purchase from Amazon here.