The Nooberone Space Heater is a particularly attractive and lightweight accessory to have around the house. It looks somewhat cute, almost minion like, and whilst it’s hardly space age it has some kind of futuristic design flourishes that make it stand out from most little blow heaters.

On the top of the device, there is a handle that is a strange combination of leather and a plastic material that feels strong and is easy enough to grasp to carry the space heater around.  The flex, that we will come to later, provides the only problem with the portability of the space heater as it does not have a storage method. It would have really helped with the portability had you been able to wind this up inside the chassis.

On the front is the grill, a piece of black metal that protects you from the heating elements and if you look closely through it you can see the fan. The grill isn’t particularly large and whilst it is the most obvious feature on the front it still doesn’t feel overly domineering of the design.

Around the back are 5 screw holes plus a series of perforations for an air intake. At the bottom of the back is a cut out for the flex to extend. The flexible power cable is roughly 2 m long with a 3-pin plug at the end. Unfortunately, the space heater relies entirely on the mains  for power. There is no option to do anything like plugged into a car cigarette lighter or a USB battery or the back of a computer. Obviously, this uses a great deal more power than the likes of a USB or a cigarette lighter or going to produce so whilst it’s not an option to do this it would have been a lovely idea to be able to plug this in.

On the side are a couple of controls that I feel are pretty poorly laid out, however, I’m guessing you will get used to them the more you use the Space Heater. There are two buttons and a rotatable dial.  The dial is solely for on and off, however, there are two on settings, one with heating and one without. The fan button is to switch between two separate speeds and then there’s the rotation button that allows you to activate the rotation function.

On the bottom are four rubber feet that help keep the unit stationary on a solid flat surface and the base stays still as the larger top portion rotates from side to side.

When in use I never noticed the heating elements glowing red, perhaps I haven’t had it on long enough to see it. Additionally, once turned off the fan continues to help cool the heating element.

The amount of heat produced by the space heater is pretty good considering the size.  I’ve had a number of heaters over the years and whilst this doesn’t produce as much heat from your standard typical home heater, you can certainly feel it on a cold night. There is an option to turn the heating element off allowing room temperature air to circulate, which might be useful to some if you are not interested in changing the temperature. There lies another missing feature, air-conditioning. This would have been a lovely addition to find that this could chill the air as well as heat it.

The Nooberone space heater is pretty good value for money, if anything you were paying more for the design. There are a great many cheaper heaters out there, however, none look quite a striking is this. In saying that I’m glad the space heater is in the house it has had use from time to time and whilst it’s really only useful in a house or in lodgings of some description it would have been nicer for it to be a bit more flexible to become a camping heater. It’s easy to use, fairly safe and looks quite striking. I’m chuffed with the Space Heater and I reckon most others would be too.