The market is awash with different gaming mice and there is no easy way to tell if the mouse is right for you until you get your hands on it. Price makes a big difference when it comes to reliability and a gaming mouse will have a stressful time with some users. Whether that be repeated button mashing or a session gone bad resulting in a strop and a mouse heading for a well due to poor accuracy claims, gamers have punished there companions for years but has the market been able to keep up and exceed expectations?

The Kone Aimo from Roccat is a stylish and interesting peripheral that combines an agreeable price tag with an impressive feature set and software solution.

Looking at the unit we have the obligatory left and right buttons, a particularly chunky scroll wheel with good grip. A pairing of plus and minus buttons sit immediately behind this to control the DPI, the speed which the mouse moves across the screen.

To there right there is only style. No buttons or a finger rest of your little finger. The almost patchy plastic look adds a lot of style to the overall look and helps integrate the buttons and clefts into a more modern, industrial design.

On the left side, there are three buttons for your thumb to control. Above the thumb rest are the T1 & T2 buttons, which we all know a love as the back and forward buttons in your web browsers. Underneath the thumb is the T3 button. Roccat calls this the Easy-Shift key, as holding it down expands the functionality of the other buttons to perform different tasks.

Roccat has set up the alternative functions as media keys, however, these can be easily changed in Roccat’s excellent software Swarm app. Out of the box the scroll wheel does the volume and track change, etc. However, if you download ROCCAT’s Swarm app (either to your phone or computer), you can set them to do other things like open programs, websites, press a button combination, or even shut down the computer.

Putting the Kone Aimo through its paces, testing durability, the mouse has withstood quite a bashing from countless hours of League of Legends and World of Warcraft. Two games my teenage daughter is somewhat addicted to. It’s worth mentioning that over the holidays she broke her left arm and with the cast making life difficult using a keyboard she was able to bind many of the functions from the keyboard to the Easy-Shift system. This reduced her reliance on the keyboard and whilst a little more complicated when it came to using the mouse she found her way over the 6 weeks she had the cast and it became second nature.

Using the mouse for an extended period I did note that the exterior became a little warm. Of course the hand produces heat, however, it was a little warmer than my standard mouse. I would put this down to the number of LEDs under the shell. Of course, this is not a concern, as a matter of fact, it served as a luxury, I have welcomed the additional slight increase as plunging temperatures outside have left a chill in the air.

The Kone Aimo has a solid build to compliment it. The lengthy cord is a high quality, braid weave and features are little reinforcement at either end to avoid fraying or loosening connections. A handy velcro strap is attached for tieing up the extra cable on a desk or the entire cable for transport.

The Roccat Kone Aimo works and works well. Some may think the looks are a little tasteless, however, it looks better than a lot of the competition. There is a unique style here and Roccat has made something with a little more care and character. From the breathing cat-like glow of the LEDs to the wealth of options for customisation. A good mouse for the enthusiastic gamer.