Monitors aren’t always just for gamers and office staff, other professionals demand a particular combination to produce accuracy.  Computer Aided Design or and Computer Aided Manufacturing users, for example, need a screen to deliver a solid grayscale and better viewing angle for to produce better results. BenQ PD2700Q Designer Monitor is a 27-inch screen designed this differing skill set. An IPS display with boasts it fills the 100 percent of the Rec. 709 (HDTV) and sRGB colour gamut.

Looking around the PD2700Q, a black plastic dominates the exterior. The non-reflective screen, framed by 0.75-inch bezels takes up the majority of the unit. This screen manages a 2560×1440 resolution. Aside from some light branding and menu assists, this BenQ is simple and unmarked. To the rear is a hook… a headphone hook perhaps?

Around the back is a standard selection of I/O ports facing downward. The PD2700Q has two Display Port inputs, one full size the other Mini, an HDMI input, an audio output and three USB 2.0 ports, one input (upstream) and two output (downstream). There are two embedded 1-watt speakers for beeps and very basic sound function, nothing more.

A rectangular stand with a mounting arm is provided and provides adequate tilt, swivel, height, and pivot adjustments to get the screen in a comfortable position. This sits atop a good looking plinth and a large hole for cable management. There are also four VESA mounting holes with an optional mounting kit to hang the monitor on a wall.

On the right side are six buttons to access the settings and navigate the menu system and turning the power on and off. Under the settings menu the Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Gamma, Dynamic Contrast, Aspect Ratio, and Colour Temperature can all be adjusted. You can also adjust hue and saturation levels.

The Greyscale performance is excellent When placed next to the AOC Agon AG271QG the difference was notable as the BenQ accurately displays almost every shade of grey from light to dark. Viewing angles were also a strong point and using this screen as second screen was enhanced by the wide viewing angle with little to no colour shifting or loss of luminance.

The BenQ PD2700Q Designer Monitor has excellent for colour reproduction and certainly succeed in this field. A 27-inch IPS panel this won’t work for everyone however it’s an incredibly strong contender as a second screen delivered. However, If you are into games, steer clear.

You can grab one from Amazon for a little over £350.