Budget screens are always something folks are wary of however BenQ has been hitting most of the right notes for some time now with their recent line and the GW2406Z is another perfectly tuned chime.

The GW2406Z is notable right out of the box for having very little in the bezel department, looks can be deceiving as the screen doesn’t quite meet the minimal bezel, and there is a 2mm black line between the two. However, for argument sake, I would consider this to be one of the smallest bezels, especially on a cheap screen, for a long time. There is a matte black chassis and a compact but spacious 24-inches view space.

BenQ, GW2406Z, review, uk, computer, tech, screen, display

The rear isn’t particularly wide, measuring a total width of 1.6 inches, the GW2406Z is pretty slim and lightweight. An external power brick will require a home somewhere around the desk or surface and whilst it’s understood that the power hardware would have added extra size to the rear I’m in the camp of this being the less of two evils and personally strap them to the underside of the desk, out of the way and forgotten about.

BenQ, GW2406Z, review, uk, computer, tech, screen, display

Also around the back are the connectivity features and the layout holds no big surprises. Here we have a DisplayPort 1.2, an HDMI and a VGA port. One of the few oddities about the GW2406Z is that there is a lack of speakers, I can’t imagine too many people out there find this a deal breaker, however, it’s worth noting if this was to be the main office screen needing some limited beeps and notifications. Also missing is a USB hub, again a difficult one to fault as this is a luxury we are taking for granted now.

BenQ, GW2406Z, review, uk, computer, tech, screen, display

On the front, there is no indication where the power or on screen menu buttons are and you will have to fumble and consult literature as to the workings of this. There are not ideally located and certainly not intuitive. More effort could be made on these and BenQ have rarely let me down in this field.

BenQ, GW2406Z, review, uk, computer, tech, screen, display

The stand is a little restrictive. There is a tilt to the mechanism and that is all. No swivel action at all, save for moving the whole unit. However, the stand is solid and unintrusive.

The BenQ GW2406Z comes with a 24-inch IPS panel at a 1080p resolution the viewing angles are perfectly acceptable and the colours are rich. It features a 5ms response time, alongside a 60Hz refresh rate. As a budget screen, it is impressive to find that the screen can display 98% of the sRGB gamut working out better than a TN display which most would expect to be better.

Particularly dark scenes and objects have a slight greyish tint on media playback and gaming and is a little disappointed. However, the contrast ratio remains constant no matter how high or low you adjust the brightness.

The IPS panel in the BenQ GW2406Z  did not require very much adjustment out of the box. The On screen controls are annoying to use, however, thankfully if it unlikely you will need to use them as the screen is well setup by default.

Added by BenQ is their AMA (Advanced Motion Accelerator) overdrive feature, designed to relieve some of the blurs if trying some fast paced gaming. On the normal setting, this seems to smooth out the result very well as increasing can cause reverse ghosting.

The BenQ GW2406Z is a pretty smart all-rounder. For such a small price, it achieves some great results. For general office duties, media consumption and web browsing this is a fine piece of kit.