The BenQ EW3270ZL is a generously proportioned 32-inch monitor aimed at the professional. Sitting at a 2k, 2560 x 1440 resolution with a wide-gamut 100% sRGB panel and the BenQ’s collection of health-conscious tricks this is a screen with a lot to get excited about.

The EW3270ZL is a well-built screen. Right from the spring-loaded screws for attaching the monitor to this base. The 32-inch panel mounted in a frame that’s well light on the bezel but without the styling to make it a fashion statement. On the bottom, in the middle is a sensor for adjusting the brightness based on the ambient light surrounding the user.

The on-screen menu of the EW3270ZL is controlled by six buttons located on the underside of the front alongside an extra hardware button to control the ‘Bright Intelligence’, the monitor’s automatic brightness adjustment.

The screen’s stand allows for twenty degrees of tilt adjustment, however, there is no rotation, height adjustment or swivel. An in an odd move, this is the first BenQ screen without a VESA wall mount.

A solid stand supports the large panel and provides a decent amount of stability whilst not occupying a massive amount of desk space.

Around the back, there is a selection of ports, two HDMI ports, a full-size and mini DisplayPort and two 3.5mm ports for providing a headphone pass through. This a rare case of minimising the port selection, you won’t find a VGA or, oddly, a DVI port. There is a propriety port for the power cable, which connects to the small power brick.

BenQ outfit their screens with flicker-free backlights and blue light reducing technologies to help reduce eye strain and sleep cycle disruption. The features are useful for those inclined to use them and are easily turned off for those who find them distracting. They are turned on by default.

Gaming has its limitations, advanced VSync technologies like G-Sync or FreeSync are not supported here. Additionally, the screen operates at 60Hz, this lower refresh rate will affect faster-paced games.

The Gamut coverage is ideal for working with images and photographs. Video imagery might need a wider gamut for some differing formats, however, for the most part, the gamut works well. As does the contrast, whilst is appears a quite low at the lower end of the brightness spectrum things even out as the brightness is increased. BenQ’s claims there is a 3000:1 contrast ratio and I cannot dispute that.

Whilst gaming is not what this screen is targeted at colour reproduction is for the media savvy and the EW3270ZL is terrific. Accuracy is excellent and the reproduction is superb. Combined with good viewing angles and a wide gamut make this an excellent choice for image and video editing.