Cameras can have WiFi, but if you purchase one without WiFi you can add it by way of the SD card slot by way of this pretty handy technology. Toshiba has sent over their latest generation of the FlashAir wireless access SD card, that just seems to be getting better year on year.

Adding faster speeds and more reliable access the FlashAir becomes the perfect companion to for the photog on the move. Instant access from phone, tablet or laptop to the original should without having to remove the camera from a tripod.

Amazing Wireless Convenience
With FlashAir™, you do not need to pull your SD card from your camera and upload pictures to your PC in order to share them. The Toshiba Wireless SD Cards includes a wireless LAN chip which allows you to share your pictures with your friends next to you or use your smart phone or tablet to upload the images to a social media platform, just after you’ve taken them.
Easy Wireless LAN Setup

You do not need any drivers, software or cables. Just slide your FlashAir™ SD Card into your camera or camcorder and setup the wireless LAN function using a PC, tablet or smartphone.
Easy Way to communicate

To view the pictures stored on the FlashAir™ card, simply use your standard Browser or download the free apps for iOS and Android (available at the Apple App Store and Google Play).

The FlashAir app is not yet compatible with the recent Apple release of iOS 8 for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. To connect with FlashAir from iOS8 devices, please use web browser interface such as Safari and Google Chrome. Thank you for your patience.
Low Power Consumption
Optimized for battery powered devices, the wireless function is switched ON only when necessary, keeping the power consumption low.

SD Memory Card Standard
The world’s first SD memory card to meet SD Memory Card Standard for data transfers over card-embedded wireless LAN.

You can grab the card from Amazon for £43.55 here