The 4K Action Camera is almost becoming a must have accessory and some won’t be wanting to pay the GoPro money, but what alternatives are there?

Soundpeats have put out to customers in the UK the Muson 4K Action Camera, a £59.99 entry with many accessories to get you started. The Muson features:

High-quality multi-function action camera. Various video resolutions: 1080P / 720P / WVGA. 2.0 inch LCD (2.0-inch liquid crystal screen is easier to see than 1.5-inch screen,) you can enjoy high-quality full HD 1080P recording easily.
Multi-function waterproof camera. Various shooting modes: Single Shot / Snapper While recording, you can record. A drive recorder is also available. Since camera shake correction works on photos, if you shoot while walking with climbing, for example, you can take very interesting pictures.
Ideal for sports. It is a sports camera which can be attached to a miniature appearance, bike, and bicycle, cart and car. Waterproof specification Water movement, ideal for sports such as marine sports and win skiing! It can also be used for waterproof specification water movement, sports such as skiing.Since two batteries are included, the recording time is doubled.
WIFI function installed. You can control wi-fi shooting with the application by detecting an application called Ezi cam with iOS / Android/google play. WIFI control Wireless recording and photo shooting can be done by downloading a special application for smartphone, iPhone, tablet.
High sensitivity CMOS sensor installed. High sensitivity CMOS sensor which displays clear video is carried. High image quality with no smear noise ensures high visibility even at night. It can adjust iso sensitivity, exposure compensation, white balance, sharpness and so on, so you can take pictures quickly and beautifully.

You can grab one from Amazon, here. And if you use the discount code QIQZTRCX you can get £10 off! Bargain!