Having just launched, British tech startup Multiview Media is introducing its multi-angle streaming platform to the music industry and beyond. Its new interactive and innovative technology lets fans be their own director with the ability to allow users to choose what angle to watch when viewing a concert or event. We quizzed Ray Meaham, CEO and Founder of Multiview Media, on the launch of the startup and what lies ahead.

What is Multiview Media?

Multiview Media is a newly founded British tech startup which has built a white-label technology platform to enable content owners to stream historic video content or live events in a multi-camera angle format. Letting the fan be their own director, this new and innovative technology will allow for a much more interactive experience when watching either live events or historic content.

Being a white-label solution, Multiview Media’s player can be embedded within third-party sites offering a direct to fan route. Artists, events and other content creators can utilise the tech’s player to showcase to their viewers the option to choose a camera angle they’d prefer viewing from.

Why did you create the platform?

I developed the idea for Multiview Media while being a music manager myself. I was looking to increase the revenues of my roster and thought, “why not explore live streams in a multi-angle format which could open up new commercial opportunities?”. Over the last few years, I have collaborated with key people during the development stages of Multiview Media, including major label artists, artist managers and festival promoters. We have been working together on bringing the idea to market. In that time, we have made several iterations of the product and our offering thanks to feedback from all our early supporters and backers – which range from music management, music industry professionals and artists.

How does tech work?

Content owners provide Multiview Media with live or historic video content, which is then placed into Multiview Media’s encoder software. This is then converted into a digital form that can be streamed in multi-camera angle formats via Multiview Media’s platform (or player embedded in their site). Using auto-detection technology, Multiview Media is able to predict when a viewer is about to select a specific camera angle, at which point the stream is upgraded to a higher quality, ensuring that the change between camera angles is smooth and seamless.

What are the benefits of multi-angle streaming over single-angle streaming?

Since launching this year and working with our first partner event, JBTV Festival, we’ve seen much longer fan engagement with the use of multi-angle streaming over a single-angle offering. The result has been 20 per cent longer fan engagement which is a benefit for any content creator, artist or event meaning that not only is the audience captured but they are spending more time viewing the content.

Letting the fan be the director offers up the opportunity to customise their viewing experience. During a time when engagement with digital streams has increased because of the pandemic, viewers are demanding more in regards to a more immersive experience, but also more interactivity over their viewing options. Multi-angle streaming does this.

What’s the USP of the tech?

The tech player offers a very flexible option to be embedded into third-party sites. It can be branded up to what is preferred by the content creator, something which isn’t available by other tech providers. Our first event showcased a 20 per cent longer fan engagement experience over single-angle viewing. By empowering the fan to be their own director and provide interactive content, engagement with the viewer is fully benefitted.

Other USPs of the tech is that there is a complete, new workflow from camera to player – a very seamless process to deliver a multi-angle viewing experience. The workflow is tried and tested, making it very easy to set up new streams for content creators. It also opens up new revenue streams for the content creators, such as being able to provide advertising opportunities for brands. Logos, content and much more can be integrated into these spaces via augmented reality. Not only that, but data analytics can help refine the strategic approach to any campaign by the content creator. Want to know which band member is most watched, the analytics will show which camera angle is most viewed.

What are the ambitions for Multiview Media?

We have bold ambitions for the company but as a startup we are very much focused on our go-to market phase, after a few years of developing and refining our tech. However, the goal remains the same to become a market leader in multi-angle content delivery across music, sport, e-sports, education and other relevant sectors – all powered by Multiview Media. We built the tech with the fan in mind, to provide an affordable, accessible and interactive platform which fans can enjoy as part of their viewing experience.

For more information, head to https://multiviewmedia.co.uk/.