You know you’re in for some trouble when the first thing out of the box is a mahoosive subwoofer. That was the initial thought as I was unboxing the latest S350DB speaker system sent from Edifier. My neighbour is going to just love this.

The speakers are the perfect size to sit on a shelf and they are a good looking set. There is no protective grill on the front but it really doesn’t detract from the looks. The build quality seems to be exactly what we have come to expect, they feel absolutely rock solid. The cubic foot of subwoofer is a bit of a beast by comparison and you could probably fit both speakers inside it. As with the last set of speakers that Edifier sent us, the setup is an absolute doddle. Cable in from each speaker to the sub, and then plug the monster in, switch it on and pair the Bluetooth by pressing the volume button. Done! No Bluetooth? Fear not, you can also connect via phono, Optical or COX ports. The hardest part is getting the box from the front door to the room you want to set it up in. If you have seen the initial unboxing video, (and if you haven’t, you really should) Gareth states that the giant sub and two book case size weigh 50 million tons. This of course is an exaggeration. The S350DBs couldn’t be more than 40 million. Of course in the world of speakers, heavy is not a bad thing.

So having spent all of 3mins setting the system up, it was time to give it a whirl. The volume is a bit of a mystery when you are powering it on. There is a volume control of course, but it is a free spinning knob (due to the remote volume control) so I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to be treated to silence or deafen myself. I took the sensible precaution of keeping the volume low on my phone and working up from there. It only took a minute or two to get the volume squared away though. 

I have a number of tracks in a playlist that I use for testing speakers and headphones. It’s a mixture of different genres and types that push the various boundaries. Naturally I went straight for the bass heavy tracks (my neighbour was out that afternoon, I checked). With the Bass and treble controls on the side of the right hand speaker both zeroed, I let rip.

The sub works.

A lot!

The sound is excellent, in terms of quality, depth and detail. Obviously with the subwoofer grumbling away, it’s a bass heavy sound, even with bass balanced at zero, but it’s not overwhelming. Often when there is a focus on bass, the mids and treble can often get lost in the mix and sound terribly anaemic. I was pleasantly surprised that that did not happen. Over a variety of different types of music, the various elements came through clearly, even at different volume levels. Of course when there is an option to turn the bass up, you are going to do it, how could you not? So I picked a super bass heavy track and cranked that bad boy up. It didn’t last long. The thump and rumble were not only threatening to bounce ornaments off the shelf, there was also a real threat of the National Geological Survey folks registering a seismic event. It was just a bit too much. I’m not sure what kind of size of room you’d need to fill to make use of that sort of capability. Maybe outdoors? 

Back at zero again, I really enjoyed spending more time listening to the Edifiers, they may not be huge speakers, but the sound they produce is beautifully rich and warm and I lost more than a couple of hours to them. I did notice that these particular speakers had a nice onmi directional capability, so if you were not directly in the line of fire, you did not lose audio quality.

Included with the speakers is a rather funky circular remote. It’s well laid out and the button selection is very sensible, with everything you’d want and nothing you wouldn’t. I did notice that you do have to point the remote directly at the receiver on the right hand speaker, but its responsive enough. The unique design means it doesn’t look ugly sitting on your coffee table, although the neat design does come with a drawback. Pick up any bog standard remote and you have 2 outcomes, it’s either the right way up or it not, with a circular remote, you have to look at it to make sure it’s properly aligned. Trivial perhaps, but it’s something I noticed more than once.

Really, when it comes to negatives, there isn’t a lot to be said. My biggest concern is that the cables and ports that connect the speakers appear to be quite specific, so how easily they would be to replace if damaged or if they weren’t long enough for your situation is a bit of an issue. The cables supplied are of a decent length, but for a bigger area they may not be long enough. Only you can decide if that’s a deal breaker or not.

That aside, these are excellent speakers and I will be very sorry to see them go. You can purchase the Edifier S350DB Speaker System Here.