VRJAM, the world’s first real-time performance platform for live virtual and augmented reality on mobile devices, has launched a crowdfunding campaign. VRJAM is offering futurist fans and technology lovers a chance to be part of a social and digital revolution.  We speak to VRJAM to find out about the VR-Evolution and the XR mobile streaming technology that coincides with the launch of 5G launch.

What is VRJAM and what is the motivation behind its existence?

VRJAM is the world’s first real-time, streaming platform for 3D graphics for mobile devices and smartphones. It was created as a way for music artists to perform live concerts to an audience inside a 3D graphical virtual reality world. Designed in consultation with Google’s UK partnerships team to leverage 5G data, VRJAM was recognised as one of the top 50 innovative firms in the UK by the British Government in the annual ‘Createch’ report, co-published by London City Hall.

VRJAM technology provides a new tool for artists, brands, businesses or other content creators to create live XR experiences and serve interactive, immersive content to millions of people globally using native fast streaming technology. From live events, business events, conferences, through to music concerts, sports events and much more – VRJAM empowers different industry sectors to share content in an exciting way, reaching new, international audiences.

How does the tech work?

VRJAM works by supplying a real-time motion capture, cloud computing and audio streaming solution to provide a life-like simulation of a creator’s physical form, visualised as a 3D avatar. This all takes place inside a dynamic, three-dimensional environment designed to perfectly reflect the venue where an event is taking place. Users and creators can co-exist in the immersive world as CGI avatars, interacting with each other and also the live event. They can access any VRJAM streamed event from anywhere in the world and experience it in new, unimagined ways.

Can you provide some examples of how VRJAM can be used in the real world?

Music artists can perform to global audiences! VRJAM scans a venue to create a 3D lifelike version of it, brings in a range of dynamic content such as lighting and special effects, and then creates a representation of the artist or DJ so they then appear as a graphical avatar inside that environment. The character’s movement inside the virtual reality environment mirrors the performer’s movements in real life, resulting in a deeply immersive lifelike experience via VR headset.

Similarly, VRJAM can increase the visibility of conferences and events, by providing those who cannot physically attend with a truly immersive experience so they don’t have to miss out. 

What are VRJAM’s social impact goals in the near future? 

We hold our social impact goals very close to our hearts at VRJAM and strongly believe in using immersive technology to better the future of humanity. This is a huge part of our existence and we envision vast applications for VRJAM in the developing world. With education being the biggest mitigating factor for poverty, there is a great opportunity for immersive content to play a role in improving the level of access to education worldwide. Think about a lecturer who would, in usual circumstances, be able to teach a few hundred people in one auditorium – VRJAM provides that same lecturer with an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of students at any one time. As such, we pledge to donate 25% of all net revenue to achieving our social impact goals.

How can creators and artists get involved in the VRJAM community, and what can they expect? 

Content creators, coders, designers, and developers can get involved in VRJAM by joining our community to help build the VRJAM virtual world (or multiverse). In this world content creators are paid fairly for their art and the time that fans spend online is fairly valued. VRJAM is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign that provides collaborative opportunities for artists and fans. They are invited to invest as little as £200 / $250 and will receive a range of privileges including shares and subsequent annual revenue share, free VR hardware and free premium lifetime membership into the VJAM community. Coders and graphics designers can earn a considerable income through the platform by building interactive environments as VRJAM is committed to ensuring everyone involved is rewarded fairly for their work. 

Even our fans can earn money simply by spending time inside our experiences because we pay them a share of the advertising revenue created by our content. They can attend events as well as sell tickets to them, just like in real life. 

We invite music artists, film directors, and content creators to demo our technology here.

What do you envision for VRJAM over the next five years?

The adoption of 5G data will soon drive a sudden and rapid increase in the computing power of mobile phones. This has already begun to a degree in the form of devices like the Galaxy S10. These new supercharged devices run on 5G will allow us to dramatically improve the quality of, and interactive capability of, the content on our platform. As 5G adoption reaches a peak threshold we’ll see much wider adoption of immersive technology as the (quality of) experience of being in VR and AR reaches a new level. This, in turn, will empower the growth of entirely new communities that exist, to a degree, outside the ‘core network’ currently controlled by data giants and social media companies. As this shift occurs we’ll launch a ‘mesh-network ready’ version of our platform, creating independence from global data systems. This will empower a more meaningful step toward graduation from reliance on redundant internet data systems that are currently used by global firms to manage internet traffic. In doing so we envision immersive tech fostering new social movements and dynamic communities built in a brave new world of immersive XR that VRJAM will help to create. We can’t wait!

For more information about VRJAM, head to https://www.vrjlive.com