Portable travel mice are popular at the moment with every retailer seeming to do something along the lines of a portable assistant for your laptop or tablet whether it be a Bluetooth connection,  focusing on its own proprietary wireless link or just a simple wire that plugs into USB the portable, the smaller mouse is big business.

Enter Speedlink with a Calado silent wireless mouse. We have looked this number of SpeedLink peripherals in the past and I’m generally quite pleased with the quality versus the price. The same can be said for the Calado. I’ve been using the Calado for the last three weeks and recently took it on holiday with me and relied on it as a more comfortable option for my laptop than using the Trackpad, and it worked out quite well.

The biggest selling point of the mouse is the fact that it has a whisper quiet Clicker. Something I have come to rely on, as we record our podcast, a silent voice is paramount for audio recording or in the event you might disturb a sleeping partner or for use on a plane. It’s considerate and I can’t believe it’s taking so long for this to become an important feature in tech.

The Calado has a very simple compact shape that lends itself very well to larger hands. Some of these travel mice tend to be a little too small for longer periods of work. Having large hands myself I find the Calado to be very comfortable under palm and all of the buttons are laid out as you would expect on regular desktop mice.

On the top is a non-slip rubber coating that helps greatly when tossing the mouse around in your luggage and provides a cruel exterior when working in a warm climate.

The precision amounts to a 600dpi optical sensor that keeps accuracy and response time bang on and I haven’t noticed any problem areas when using it with Windows or Android. Above the scroll wheel is a dedicated dpi switch that allows you to quickly swap between three different levels of sensor resolution to adjust the mouse’s sensitivity to a faster or slower pointer speed.

If there was one problem I would raise against the Calado would be the USB dongle. There is very little resistance in the slot to keep the dongle in place and whilst it doesn’t fall out particularly easily, I do feel the worry is there and therefore it’s better off keeping it in the USB slot of your computer 24/7 than leaving it to chance as if it’s lost you cannot connect to the mouse.

The mouse does not feature an on/off button, instead of relying on activation by just clicking one of the buttons.  I haven’t found this to be a nuisance and for the three weeks I’ve been using it with my laptop the battery has held out. After a few minutes, the automatic standby mode kicks in and the mouse puts itself to sleep saving battery power.

We have looked at the number portable mice over the last while and honestly, this SpeedLink is the one I’m going to continue to use with my laptop as I feel it’s just the right size for my hand. Available for around £20 from Amazon the mouse build quality and price do seem to match up. Certainly, there are cheaper options however the rubberised coating on the outside give that higher quality feel.