There’s a lot to factor in when coming to reviewing a wireless charging solution. Whilst it’s the most convenient way to charge your device there might be a few things to consider when picking one up.

Choetech has launched their fast charging wireless stand that features 10w wireless charging. Compatible with all Qi devices. Choetech appears to be listening to what people want from their chargers as they don’t ask the Earth when pricing and deliver a simple solution with a couple of frills to set them apart from the rest.

The charger itself is predominantly plastic, however, solidly built. If dropped it can take a few knocks. There is a stylish chin at the bottom to hold the phone and place and whilst this isn’t adjustable it does sit at a nice angle for desktop usage.

At the bottom is a long LED that is coloured green when charging and blue when not. If you’re planning to use this by the bed the LED is not intrusive, you can find it if you look for it in the dark, however, it’s not bright enough to upset your sleep.

The most important part of the charging stand is actually doing the charging. As this is titled a fast wireless charging stand you would hope this rivals the fast charger that may be included in the box of the device that you own, however, it uses a standard, bundled MicroUSB cable. It probably does, however, there are a few things to consider when doing this. Placing my Galaxy S8 on this today at 82% with a Spigen 3mm case on the back the phone reports it will take 40 minutes to reach full charge. Removing the case drops this to 38 minutes. Taking the device and plugging it directly into the charger Samsung provide reports the device will take 32 minutes to reach 100%.

Are these numbers worth quibbling over? Are you going to remove your cover every time to shave 2 minutes from the charge time? Probably not and therefore the price of £15 this Choetech fast wireless charging stand comes heartily recommended as it’s terribly convenient just to drop your phone onto the stand and whilst it isn’t blasting the device with power as the manufacturers bundled power adaptor might do, the speed of the charge is easily acceptable especially when you consider the price.

The Choetech fast wireless charging stand has now become my main charge point during the day on my desk, the angle is of no issue. The build quality is perfectly acceptable. Whilst it isn’t a work of art it looks pretty good, and it doesn’t cost very much. Do yourself a favour, grab one, if you need one.

You can pick one up from Amazon here.