Vloggers and YouTubers are spoiled for choice right now. There is a plethora of modestly priced options to enhance the visual quality of their output. A perfect example of this is the Boling BL-P1. A small LED light with RGB colour control, an interesting feature set and a price tag that isn’t out of reach.

The Boling P1 specifications:

  • Power:12W
  • Charging interface: Type-c 5V/9V/12V Qc3.0 Intelligent charge
  • Battery Capacity: 7.4V 2930MA
  • Dimming: 0-100%
  • RGB Color Gamut: 0-360 full color
  • CRI: 96,TLCI:97
  • CCT: 2500-8500
  • Lux: 0.5m 1480lux
  • Fastest charging time: 90min
  • Full power: 140min
  • Lithium Ion Battery: 2930mAh
  • Weight: 260g
  • Size: 150*70*15mm

Straight out of the box the lamp feels very well made. A good blend of quality material have been used. A metallic outer casing a light plastics used were where necessary to reduce weight. The attached mount is very useful, strong and flexible allowing for 360 degrees of rotation and adjustment.

Certainly an argument could be made that AA batteries would be useful for the roving user needing to change batteries, however, the inclusion of USB Type-C means that this is as easily chargeable as most mobile phones. However, the battery lasts a terrific amount of time. For the last week I have been using it quite frequently and meddling with the intensity of the light a great deal and I have only charged it would. I would say the 140 minutes of speculated use time is correct and perhaps based around full light intensity being used. It’s important to note that the LED does not dim as the battery wanes, instead it will switch off when there is not enough power to sustain the operation.

The LED can be adjusted for the temperature, warmth and the intensity. There are a few creative modes that allow the user some special effects, like a candle burning of police car lights. This is a nice addition and I’m sure someone will find them useful. The light output is good and proves solid with no flicker. There is a lot of room for adjustment, without affecting the colour balance. On the colour rotation, colours change in a smoothly. The P1 offers a wide color temperature range or 2500k-8500k adding to this is an accurate brightness adjustment from 0-100%. This results in a perfect section for the budding photographer.

The onboard menu system is not initially intuitive, however, spending a little time with the manual and after a few minutes of  use it starts to make sense and proves to be a good use of the small screen and limited number of buttons and dials. On the back of the unit is a useful colour chart, built into the casing to assist with the setting the colour.

The portability of the LED light is great. Marrying a good size, whilst a little thicker than a smartphone, with a good weight the P1 comes with a tidy case that has Velcro straps to attached to camera bags, or include some tools that might be needed on a shoot.

In all the Boling BL P1, is a great piece of kit and whilst the price might be out of some folk’s budgets it really is a justifiable purchase for the results. In the hand if feels a quality product and in the field, the results are first class.

You can pick one up from Amazon here.