With the summer holidays approaching fast you may be thinking what essentials do I need to make that journey less painful.  There is nothing worse than that feeling you have forgotten your earphones may it be a plane journey or a bus journey.  If you have not already gone wireless and purchased a pair of Bluetooth earphones treat yourself now as being wireless is cheaper than you imagine.

These earphones can be found here in Amazon.co.uk for £17.99.

Out of the box, these earphones feel fantastic, the magnetic earpieces really add to the product as they pull together around your neck, almost like a necklace.  I am forever losing my earphones but with these, I have found myself sticking the earphones to the fridge after i have used them. This allows me never to stress when I am leaving the house in a rush as they are always there.

In the box we have the earphones, a pouch to carry the earphones, various ear tips (small, medium, large) and a two-year warranty card.

On the control panel, you have the micro USB charging port, a microphone, LED indicator, Volume buttons, which also double up as next track button. In between these buttons you have the multifunction button which when held in powers on the earphones and turns them off.

Once charged the earphones connected with ease to my phone via Bluetooth 4.1. A voice will let you know when they are turned on and when you are nearly out of battery.I got about 4 hours use out of them from one charge which is fantastic, however, I always like to have my wireless earphones fully charged before a journey just in case. That dreaded warning of battery low gives you about 10 minutes more use before the battery is fully drained.

The maximum range of these earphones is 10m. The sound quality was crisp and clear with very little distortion happening until you went out of range.

The only drawback I have about these earphones is the design of the overly bulky control panel, compared to other earphones I am not sure why it is so big.  When running I found the panel weighing down and pulling the right earpiece out of my ear. Not a major flaw as they still work well, however for running I would not recommend these.

Aukey certainly has made a good pair of earphones and with the added magnetised ear pieces I would recommend these to anyone who loses their earphones regularly.