Many years ago, Ronseal created an advertising campaign that not only made a name for themselves, the slogan has long since made its way into popular culture and is now used in everyday speech. It does what it says on the tin. It tells you what it is and what it does. Beautifully simple, obvious and effective.

This same approach would apply to the Aukey Quick charge 2.0 double USB car charger. It’s a double USB charger for your car that charges your device quickly.

What more is there to say? Perhaps I can offer some real life data. I plugged in my non-Qualcomm quick charge iPhone 7 into the intelligent charging top port and it charged my phone by 10% (72%-82%) in 15mins. It also charged my little Anker battery pack at the same time. If you have a quick charge compatible device, it will charge considerably faster than a standard wall charger.

The unit itself sits very snugly in the 12V socket in my car, has a nice low profile and doesn’t have any distracting lights in the ports to distract you at night. That’s something I particularly appreciate.

I must admit, I personally am somewhat concerned about what effect quick charging has on batteries. Intelligent charging functions determine exactly what power can be pushed safely, but it does pay to be careful. I know from experience (not mine thankfully) how charging a phone with a “non-intelligent” tablet power supply can really mess the battery up just from pumping too much juice into it. The battery never seemed to know how much power was in it and would drain sporadically. It ended up taking quite a few cycles of completely discharging the battery and charging it back up slowly with the correct power supply.

That said, the Aukey has an intelligent charging port which works well and if you have a Qualcomm quick charge compatible device (not easy to say), then this is a neat little device that should serve you well