The Adonit Pro Stylus is a good looking entry into the odd world of touchscreen inputs. Whilst you can pick up a stylus for £1 in a Pound dwelling you can’t expect a quality performance from it. Adonit looks to be aiming for the Apple pencil alternative that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Currently on Amazon for £23.99 here.

Simply Accurate: The new precision disc not only creates a precise contact point with the screen to write exactly where you place it but also has been engineered into one piece for added stability.
Magnetic Cap : Quickly protect your stylus with the satisfying click of the new magnetic cap closure.
Improved Textured Grip : Pro 3 features a textured grip etched onto the barrel of the stylus. This keeps the stylus right where you want it when sketching or taking notes.
Clip to Carry : The solid aluminum stylus has a built in clip so you can keep track of it on the go.