The phone, tablet and touchscreen computer have all been optimised for our fingers over the last 10 years. Gone are the resistive screens that made a stylus and a necessity. Today, there doesn’t seem to be much need for a  stylus. Reserved mainly for graphic designers the Stylus really only seems to exists on eBay or Poundland for those who might not find finger-friendly touchscreens particularly easy to use.

There are still a number of people out there who do enjoy using a stylus it has its benefits. A little precision accuracy for highlighting text, doodling and most importantly leaving your screen free from greasy fingerprints. As I mentioned before there is no shortage of cheap pointing devices on various websites. Adonit has decided to take the stylus and make it a stylish accessory for any phone, tablet or touchscreen computer.

Adonit decided to take the idea of the stylus and give it a beautiful look and feel to make you enjoy use whilst also looking pretty sophisticated. The Adonit Pro 3 is an analog stylus that uses a small transparent desk that resembles the size of a fingertip when pressed against the screen.  The transparency allows the user to see what is on the screen behind and the nib of the stylus is almost pen-like to help pinpoint the exact position the stylus should be sitting. Whilst this isn’t new technology it certainly works very well.

The materials used in making the case of the stylist are impressive, a solid aluminium body. Whilst this might be a £20 stylus, you certainly get a good feeling of value for money. There are no moving parts or electronics inside the stylus, no batteries to charge,  no software required and no connections to be made.

Protecting the tip of the stylist is a magnetic cap. The cap fits on both ends of the barrel and magnetic attachment works well holding the cap in place during use. When unboxing the Adonit Pro 3 I found the cap to feel a little loose when in place on the non-pointer end of the stylus, however, having spent some time using it I almost believe the cap has transferred magnetic properties to the end of the stylist making the connection stronger over time.

There is an incision for securing the stylist in a jacket pocket, or perhaps the compartment of a handbag. It has its uses however it’s not adjustable and really only uses gravity to hold it in place.

I don’t honestly believe an 8 inch to a 10 inch tablet is it particularly good writing surface, especially when using your finger and it’s far better to use an onscreen keyboard, however using the Adonit Pro 3 stylus I have found notes particularly easy to jot and only the limitations of my poor handwriting really made this less than ideal. Where I have found the stylus particularly useful is highlighting text for cutting and pasting where the finger does prove to be somewhat cumbersome.

Adonit has a large range of stylus’ and really cover everyone’s needs and given the materials used in this Pro 3 version I would be very excited to look at the others. Some with Bluetooth, some without. If I was to complain about anything it would be that the stylist is perfectly cylindrical and therefore rolls when you place it on an unlevel surface. It can get away from you quite quickly on a desk.

The stylus feels pretty good in the hand as something to fiddle with when in thought or engrossed. In the way a cigarette felt comforting in the hand. the stylus has good proportions for rolling around the fingers and general fiddling. There’s a decent amount of grip and you won’t find yourself dropping it terribly often so it honestly. This is a good accessory to have.

You can purchase the Adonit Pro 3 from Amazon for £23.50.