A team of young entrepreneurs has found a solution for a persistent problem of the 21st century —broken phone charging cables— presenting a cable that will last a lifetime. ANCHOR CABLE, the world’s first stainless-steel, magnetic, USB type-C enabled MULTI-DEVICE charging cable with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Anchor Labs began a crowdfunding campaign to start the production of the Anchor cable. “These days, there are hundreds of different brands of charging cables, each claiming to be better than the rest. However, their cables do not live up to the expectations. We assure you that our claims are true, as we thoroughly tested and bent the Anchor cable. While other brands tear after they are bent 10,000 times, we designed a machine that bent Anchor Cable more than 60,000 times and we could continue at it for much longer (you can check the video at our Kickstarter) . The Anchor cable features a strong Neodymium magnetic connection, the same type of connection that is used in MacBooks, making it easy to connect by simply holding a cable next to the magnetic tip that is inserted in your device. We have fully tested our product, and we confidently claim that the Anchor cable is the World’s Strongest Magnetic Cable,” Anchor LABS spokesman said.

In order for the device to become available to the public, a crowdfunding campaign has been started to help produce and develop the ANCHOR cable. “We are a team of passionate industrial designers. As many of you will also be frustrated with our phone cable is breaking up after several months of use. we Decided to once and for all resolve this problem. We combined our experience in design and engineering and by implementing non-standard approach and materials we created a perfect cable the will last a lifetime. We are proud to present ANCHOR cable – the last cable you will ever and buy. With your help, we can tackle the broken cable wire problem” Artis said.

With your help, we can tackle the broken cable wire problem,” Artis said. To view and support the crowdfunding campaign, visit: http://bit.ly/2sNgZsk