Y-Cam Protect Alarm review

Y-Cam is a security setup that employs a bunch of little peripherals under the one hub to give you peace of mind when away from home of when you locked everything up for the night. Here we take a look at the Y-Cam Protect Alarm system. A basic, starter kit that notifies you when something happens in the home. What you get in the box: First up is the alarm hub itself. This box looks like an alarm system, is large enough to act as a deterrent however it’s designed…

A look at the Y-Cam Protect Alarm System

Featuring a Triple Layer level of protection, Smart Home Security System is an Internet-connected smart alarm for £150. With compatibility with Android and Apple devices, you can monitor the system whilst on the go utilising smartphone applications. Instant alert notificationsEasy wire-free sensor setup SIM card and data included (Y-cam Plus required) 8 hour battery backup Internal Siren Access from anywhere on your smartphone 24/7 line monitoring (Y-cam Plus required) Expandable system