AOC presents affordable 31.5” 1440p monitor: a large-sized screen for everybody

Display specialist AOC presents an affordable all-rounder monitor in 31.5” (80.01 cm) size and QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) resolution: the Q3279VWF, member of the 79 Series. This stylish monitor has an ultra-slim design with an elegant stand in a silver finish which fits perfectly into a living room setting. Its FreeSync support and 5 ms response time will satisfy the needs of most casual gamers. With an MSRP of just £249, the Q3279VWF will become available in November this year and will bring huge size and high resolution to…

AOC curved 35″ monitor immerses gamers more than ever before

AOC, one of the top global brands in the display market, presents a 160 Hz curved gaming monitor that gives users a fully immersive experience for games, streams, movies and more – the AOC C3583FQ. When gamers feel surrounded by their virtual world it is a more complete viewing experience. That is exactly what the AOC C3583FQ does: With a radius of 2000 mm it is more curved than other conventional curved monitors, providing an outstandingly high level of immersion to gamers.