Hidden gems on OnePlus 6T

Under the hood of OnePlus 6T, OnePlus has incorporated Easter Eggs/UX changes to surprise and delight it’s community and new OnePlus owners. We’ve included five below:

Quick Launch

OnePlus’ Screen Unlock sensor is a new addition to OnePlus 6T. By accessing utilities in your settings menu, you can customise a Quick Launch menu. Simply hold down on your finger print sensor once you’ve set it up for easy access to Instagram, WhatsApp or those apps you can’t live without. Whether you’re a work horse or a socialite, you can ensure that your most used apps are just a touch away.

Screen Unlock

OnePlus has made it easy to change your Screen Unlock style. Choosing between wave, cosmos or stripe is easy. Simply access the settings and choose fingerprint. Within that menu, you can customise the Screen Unlock animation. Following from OxygenOS 9.0.5 update, which was rolled out yesterday, Screen Unlock has been updated making it easier to unlock your phone from the display in only 0.34 seconds.

OnePlus Switch

Whether you’re moving over from an Android handset or a OnePlus device, OnePlus Switch is our carefully designed tool that migrates all of your data from contacts, messages and photos from your old device straight to your new device.


In the calculator app on your OnePlus 6T, typing in 1+= produces the Never Settle image on a red background. Our strategy is to set a high bar for ourselves, to find the right industry benchmarks within each part of the product, and force ourselves to reach or exceed those benchmarks. This is what we mean with Never Settle.

Airplane Mode

Another added touch to OnePlus 6T is airplane mode. When you arrive on the plane and turn airplane mode on from the shortcut drop down on the home screen, the airplane takes off on the icon. When you land, it lands. Travelling can be tedious and adding this UX makes light of it, just a little!

OnePlus is dedicated to offering its community updates. By overlaying OxygenOS 9.0.5 on stock Android functions, a fast and smooth user experience is brought to life. OnePlus supports devices for two years with OxygenOS updates and security updates are provided for three.

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