Q &A with CEO & Co-Founder of FleetWit, David Metz

FleetWit, one of the fastest growing skill-gaming trivia apps in the US, recently launched here in the UK back in May and is attracting trivia fans all around the country. Available 24 hours a day, trivia obsessives can compete live against friends, family or other players – in which they are rewarded cash for their knowledge.

Known as “races” within the app, FleetWit players can choose a game type and category ranging from General Trivia, Movies, Literature, History, Geography, Sports, Puzzles, Genius, Food and Drink, Music, Science and TV – testing their skills using intelligence and speed. Originally FleetWit collaborated with Countdown’s Rachel Riley for public challenges and is now working with The Beast from ITV’s hit game show The Chase. We caught up with David Metz, CEO & Co-Founder of FleetWit, to find out what all the fuss is about.

  • What made you go off and create a trivia app (e.g. did you see a gap in the market)? I founded both a tech company and a trivia company in the past, so I think those two experiences led me to what FleetWit is today. I think there is a huge gap in the market for a site like ours. We give everyone the opportunity to win money based on what they are most passionate about. That’s something that didn’t exist until FleetWit came along. We chose to launch in the UK as we know it’s the birthplace of pub trivia. The US averages over 9,800 pub trivia events per week, whereas the UK has over 30,000. There’s a huge trend in quiz culture at the moment, so we’re excited to be part of that.
  • What makes FleetWit so unique? We allow you to win money at any time in almost any category. Because we’re a 24 hour, on-demand app – users can log in anytime and choose their favourite category to play. We reward users for their knowledge, so we find a lot of our users are enjoying being tested on trivia questions in subjects they are passionate about. In addition to winning money, the quality of our questions make sure we stand out from other similar platforms. We aim to challenge our users and we do this through the types of trivia games available in the app. 
  • How do you keep the app feeling fresh and engaging with your users We keep adding more questions and categories. To ensure our questions continue to be challenging we have a dedicated team of trivia writers who are adding around 5,000 questions per month. Each question goes through a quality assured process, whereby the team check sources so that the questions offered to our users remain the highest quality possible. We also look at popular events happening that are currently topical. For example, we had a whole category dedicated to the World Cup recently – so we’re always looking at what people are engaging with.
  • Is there anything unique about the app which separates it from other trivia apps? Other apps don’t allow you to win money like you can within FleetWit. For each trivia game the user enters, there is a real possibility of winning cash because it can pit you against someone else one on one. Whereas other apps, there isn’t this same kind of model. One of our other USPs which sets us apart is the quality of our questions. We strive to provide the high quality questions we can, where sources are checked, the wording of the question is right and they are at a standard which will challenge the user.
  • What’s the maximum you can win on FleetWit? So far, the biggest single win has been $1,500. Our users are winning money all the time, 24 hours a day and they’re not restricted to how often they can play. We sometimes describe the platform as a “pub quiz in an app” and it’s the perfect way to describe it. Users can play as much as they like to win as much cash as they would like to.
  • What do you think has been driving this huge interest in “around the clock” live-trivia apps? I think there has always been interest, but in recent years I feel like there has been a new appreciation for facts. The advancement in tech and rise in more people using smartphones has allowed trivia games to be played on mobiles, in addition to the numerous pub quizzes around the country. It’s complimented this huge interest in trivia and offers users something fun to play but also engaging. It’s not the mindless games you often see on smartphones, rather this type of smart game rewards users with something new they might not have known.
  • What’s your most popular trivia category? Commonly misspelled words. I play it all the time when I’m on FleetWit.
  • What’s next for FleetWit in the UK? Can we expect any new developments in the tech space? We are about to release a new version of the app. We’re super excited about it. I can’t say too much more, but expect updates to the functionalities and much more. Stay tuned!

While David Metz’s fundamental goal is to position FleetWit, an online trivia gaming platform, as a leader in the trivia and gaming industries, his objectives go much deeper. The CEO & Co-Founder of the startup aims to make the collection of knowledge cool, fun, and profitable. FleetWit began as a marketing platform for brands to tell their stories through trivia but once they discovered players were more interested in the game than the brands, they decided to focus on what the players wanted, and that is when they found a substantial increase in activity. What started as a passion project quickly turned into a startup that attracted $1.1 million during its first seeding round.

Upon graduating from Drexel University with a degree in History, his first job was at a trading desk on Wall Street. After 10 years, Metz decided to leave the rat race and combine his expertise in finance with his passion for trivia. While exploring a career in trivia and founding Gaggle, a trivia board game, he was a gameshow contestant on Cash Cab and placed in the World Series of Poker. After experiencing success with Gaggle, he used his business skills and followed current trends to co-create FleetWit in 2014.


  1. Q. What initially drove your passion for trivia and gaming? I’ve always been competitive and loved to learn new things, so that combination led me to trivia. I created a trivia board game with my brother and I’ve hosted pub trivia for years. FleetWit was born out of both of these experiences.
  1. Q. Why the name FleetWit? Easy one! Fleet means fast and wit means smart, and in order to do well in a FleetWit race you need both of these attributes.
  1. Q. What is one trivia question or theme of trivia that you struggle with? I leave the science category to FleetWit’s Co-Founder Julie Loutre. I am more of a history / literature buff.

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