OnePlus 5 outperforms the Galaxy S8+

There have been some speed readings from a very credible source, revealing the OnePlus 5 benchmark scorecard on GeekBench. The results show an impressive score of 1963 (single-core) and the massive 6687 score (multi-core), topping the GeekBench 4 list. By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ normally sees a score of  1978 (single-core) and the massive 6375 score (multi-core) and the LG G6 has a score of 1733 (single-core) and the massive 4209 score (multi-core.)

From the screenshot, we also see that the 5 will come with Android 7.1.1 Nougat base for OnePlus’ in-house Oxygen OS.

The pre-production units might have slightly different scores compared to the final ones. Different ROMs can be implemented by technicians designed to milk the device for speed, but given that the numbers are broadly in line with the other Snapdragon 835 devices, variations probably won’t differ too much.

This sounds very in keeping with the previous OnePlus 3T giving the S8 a run for its money, at half the price. The 3T is an impressive smartphone featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, it runs even the most demanding apps and games. With dash charge, it’s all about having a day’s power in half an hour, making it faster, safer and cooler than any other fast charging tech. And lastly, snap to impress with 16MP! Lightning-fast shutter speed and an unmatched smartphone camera experience. With these as the strengths of the 3T, a 5th incarnation should be something to marvel when released.

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