There is a Microsoft Edition Samsung Galaxy S8

There might be a version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that is known as the Microsoft Edition. Initially Windows Phone enthusiasts will probably get quite excited at the idea of a Galaxy S 8 running Microsoft mobile platform, however, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition is nothing more than a normal Samsung Galaxy S8 that Microsoft is taken and made it “easier” to install and use the Microsoft applications.

Initially, this might be a little insulting as it’s incredibly easy to download and install the applications from the Google Play Store, however, the Samsung Galaxy S8 actually has feature that might sound somewhat similar to what Microsoft has been trying to achieve over the last few years.  Namely DeX.

Samsung’s DeX platform offers many similarities to Microsoft’s Continuum, a mobile to desktop environment they have been developing for some time now with limited success. However, in the preview videos the Samsung Galaxy S8 application, deX, does not look fully comfortable running all Android apps. Having Microsoft tinker with the applications and DeX to have there are Android versions of Word, Excel and Outlook to run perfectly on DeX would be preferable for those who rely on this software suite.

We look forward to seeing more developments of this in the future

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