An unconvincing leak of the OnePlus 5

Yesterday, OnePlus officially announced an event on June 20th for the announcement of their latest flagship phone, the OnePlus 5. However, soon after a little image of the OnePlus 5 leaked out for all to see. From the looks of things, the phone will be available in black, have some buttons on the sides and will carry the OnePlus logo. Like many other phones on the market recently, there are a few similarities with the latest iPhone. The dual cameras and flash might seem identical, however, this is the main problem we have with this leak. The camera array seems to have a slight bulge on the central image, however, the bulge does not appear in either of the profile shots, whilst this isn’t a call of a fake, we are a little sceptical over here. We do know that the insides will be very different. It will feature a Snapdragon 835 and a 3000mAh battery.

For everything else we know about the OnePlus 5, check out our article on everything we know.


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