Invizibox portble VPN routers

Irish cybersecurity company Invizbox today announced it has achieved 100% funding on Kickstarter for its new InvizBox 2 family of privacy and security products: InvizBox 2 and InvizBox 2 Pro.
InvizBox 2 and InvizBox 2 Pro are VPN routers which allow you to easily secure all internet traffic in your home or office without compromising on speed or convenience. Connect either device to your home router and all of your internet traffic is automatically encrypted, ensuring privacy and security for you and your family.

The InvizBox 2 products will protect any device in your home: laptops, phones, smart TVs or other connected devices can now be secured over WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet.
InvizBox 2 is designed for small apartments or regular bandwidth users, whereas InvizBox 2 Pro is designed for high bandwidth users and small businesses.

Chris Monks, co-founder of Invizbox commented:
“We are all spending more time online these days, and our homes are becoming more and more connected. However, this means that the risk of our privacy and our security being compromised is increasing all the time. With Internet Service Providers selling browsing histories, and a whole range of organisations worldwide tracking online activity, it can feel like someone is always looking over your shoulder. The InvizBox 2 devices protect you from prying eyes, keeping you, your family or your employees safe from harm.”

InvizBox has already enjoyed great success with the launch of its first 2 products: the InvizBox and Invizbox Go. Successfully crowdfunded through IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, these products have shipped to satisfied customers in more than sixty countries worldwide. As a company, InvizBox is on track to achieve its target of creating twenty new jobs in its Dublin HQ within the next three years.

The InvizBox 2 and Invizbox 2 Pro can be used at home or in the office. Additional product features include:

For your convenience:

  • Plug & Play setup: plug it into your router, power it on, and setup is complete.
  • Pre-embedded VPN credentials and auto-select of the fastest VPN location (change them later if you wish).
  • Dedicated VPN connections per connected device, delivering individual
  • privacy and bandwidth for multiple users.

Easy-to-use tools / controls:

  • Android & iOS apps and a web interface.
  • Parental controls to keep your family safe from harmful content.
  • Analysis of outgoing traffic warning you of suspicious activity on your devices.
  • Control over who is using your network.

Combine InvizBox 2 Pro with InvizBox Go to connect home when travelling:

  • Securely connect back to your home or office via a private encrypted tunnel.
  • Stream your home content from wherever you are in the world.

Premium Devices:

  • Choice of colours: black or white
  • Quad core ARM processor
  • Dual band WiFi – 2.4G and 5G
  • Gigabit Ethernet

The InvizBox 2 and Pro are currently exclusively available on Kickstarter. Once crowdfunding is completed higher prices will apply, so visit the Kickstarter page now and secure your personal privacy and security device.

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