Google ripping off the UK as Google Home and Google WiFi arrive

Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in November 2016 Google launched their home assistant system, Google Home for $129. Now, almost 6 months later the UK gets to catch up on the party. Google has announced that not only will Google Home launch, but Google WiFi routers will be coming to the UK on April 6. That’s next week!

The Google Home is a handy, neatly designed Google Assistant for your home, controlling your smart home, planning your day, and streaming your music. It will launch for £129 on the Google Store. Why bother with price conversion when you can just change the Currency?

Similarly, Google WiFi aims to bring a simple, manageable router to your home as well as offer the option of building a wireless mesh network from multiple units. You’ll be able to pick one up for £129 or two for £229, almost replicating Google’s price in the US 6 months ago. However, notice the amount you get to £229, yes two, not three, two. Stateside $229 (£185) got you an extra WiFi Extender in the box.

Google really isn’t doing the UK any favours here, charging over and above the prices for their ageing hardware and even slashing what might have seemed like good value for multi-purchase.

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