WiZ launches ultimate connected light experience in UK

WiZ Connected Lights are officially making their UK debut as one of the most advanced smart home lighting systems available on the market today. WiZ makes set up simple, eliminating the need for cumbersome and expensive hubs to control the lights. Its full line, now available from Amazon, includes smart LED light bulbs and contemporary LED luminaires, to instantly transform your home or your business place into an intelligent lighting system. From £22.95, you can dim, automate light or choose from 64,000 shades of white on a B22 bulb, from your smartphone or with the power of your voice. The same WiZ bulb with 16 million colours on top of the adjustable whites can be yours from £34.95.

Easily and quickly connect WiZ Connected Lights via your home’s Wi-Fi to create the ultimate, immersive lighting experience. Safe and secure, each light has its own individual industry-standard digital signature, making a widescale system hack impossible. Simply screw in a WiZ light bulb or plug in a WiZ luminaire, download WiZ’s top-rated app (available via Google Play and the Apple App Store) to “pair and share” with one tap of the screen and three quick flicks of your light switch. WiZ does all the work, automatically identifying and adding your lights in under 30 seconds.

WiZ’s patented technology gives you full control of your light whether it’s through Wi-Fi on the WiZ app, your mobile network, infrared remote control, existing switches via the WiZclick feature, preset scheduling and even through your Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The WiZ App lets you set up and control individual rooms and even multiple locations for home, work or any other place you have lights installed. It even has advanced access rights management letting owners give access to guests for short or long term.

WiZ offers bulbs with 64,000 shades of white and 16 million colours to choose from, bringing total flexibility and control to ensure you find just the right colour lighting options that fit your mood and lifestyle.

Additional WiZ features include:

Advanced Voice Control – Control your lights with the power of your voice through Amazon Echo or Google Home. Where most products are limited to dimming and switching the lights on/off, WiZ gives you dynamic control in the most natural way possible, by room, by favourite scenes — just by talking to it.

Streamline Your Life – Set your lighting preferences via WiZ Schedule or simulate being at home through WiZ’s automatic vacation mode. Armed with over 60 popular IFTTT recipes, you can connect your lights with motion detection cameras, sensors, mobile GPS or even your weather app. So, now your lights will automatically turn on when, for example, your Nest camera detects motion or switch to a cosier white lighting mode when temperatures get cooler.

Dynamic Preset Functions – Right out of the box, WiZ is preloaded with preset white light functions (cosy, warm, daylight, cool, focus, relax, bedtime) and sophisticated dynamic colour modes (fireplace, mojito, forest, ocean, romance, sunset).

Capture the Perfect Moment – With so many options available, WiZ makes it easy to remember all your customized light settings, like the perfect living room mood for watching your favourite TV show in wintertime. With WiZ Moments, you can take a photo of a lighting hue and quickly switch back to it later by simply tapping your picture, and even share it on Instagram.

For more information about WiZ Connected Light, visit www.wizconnected.com

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