nCube – The smart home hub that connects all devices together

The nCube hub, which aims to revolutionise the smart home industry worldwide, integrates a wide range of smart home products such as heating, lighting, security, entertainment and other smart devices into just one App using ZWave, Wi-Fi, LAN and Bluetooth communication. It also has the added benefit of being fully compatible with Alexa so will work with your Echo and Echo Dot devices. Crucially, it also ensures user privacy with information stored on the nCube hub in the home and not sent to central servers thus reassuring users that their security is protected and that their personal data cannot be accessed via the Cloud.

nCube is a beautifully designed hub and app giving a single point of control for all smart home technology devices with unique privacy & flexibility. Combining different devices together, the nCube relieves the user of a myriad of different smart home apps to use for each product and helps to integrate the different devices together for a one App home automation system that works effortlessly.

Unlike almost every system on the market, nCube continues to work when users are offline. If the internet connection is slow or it disconnects, nCube is still able to control heating, alarm systems and any other smart home product directly from its app.

Combining usability with an eye-catching design, nCube has a strong focus on getting devices to work together with the below benefits:

  • Advanced security: Learning user lifestyle habits for peace of mind so the home looks lived in whilst occupants are away
  • Harmonised wake-up: A comforting start to the day throughout the entire home
  • Warm return home: A rewarding welcome in the evening
  • Reduced bills: A better way to manage energy consumption and costs

According to personal preference, nCube users can select from a wide range of tech and smart devices including Sonos, Nest, LIFX Hue and many more. Completely tech agnostic, nCube is compatible with all of them.

nCube is available from for £149.

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