Vivitek launches new D4000 series of laser projectors

Compact needn’t mean compromise is the promise delivered on by the new Vivitek D4000 Series. With its condensed compact footprint and light 10kg weight, this laser projector is appropriately-sized for companies with medium sized corporate meeting rooms that want the performance of a powerful laser projector, but without the size and weight traditionally associated with them.

To meet their requirements, the D4000 Series – which comprises the With its laser light source, the D4000 Series delivers up to 20,000 hours of operation time with minimum maintenance, thus providing users with peace of mind. Underpinning its inherent robustness is an anti-dust sealed optical engine. This not only optimises light efficiency, but it has been designed to prevent dust and moisture from affecting the lighting and thermal system. This ensures customers have peace of mind knowing that image quality and a long lifespan are assured.

The D4000 Series also benefits from Vivitek’s expertise in thermal management. As a result, the projector offers improved cooling efficiency and effectiveness, which brings two major benefits to users and to the longevity of the projector. First, the advanced cooling means the projector can operate with a slower fan speed, which results in it being far quieter and less obtrusive than other projectors. Second, the improved cooling protects the projector from high temperatures, extending its operating life.

With the ease of installation in mind, the projectors are equipped with a 1.65x zoom fixed lens with Vertical and Horizontal lens shift, which also brings a new level of cost effectiveness to the D4000 Series. This makes its performance and image quality accessible to more potential customers. The lens shift capacity ensures placement flexibility, while the HDBaseT interface delivers long signal transmissions.

To kick-start meetings rapidly and limit productivity-compromising downtime, the models’ compatibility with Vivitek’s NovoConnect Solution allows for distributed display and control between PC, Mac and tablet devices for a completely interactive presentation and collaboration environment. The fully wireless communication enables content sharing across multiple devices and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android operating systems.

For environments outside of the corporate business world, the D4000 Series also features DICOM* Simulation Mode, which makes it ideal for viewing grayscale medical images – such as X-rays – for medical training and medical seminar purposes.

Commenting on the introduction of the D4000 Series, Holger Graeff, General Manager EMEA, Vivitek, said: “With the D4000 Series, Vivitek has created a compact-sized and proportioned laser light source projector that’s ideally suited for installation on the ceiling of mid-size meeting rooms. In addition to its small size, we’ve mated high-performance with low maintenance and robust durability to offer companies and IT departments peace of mind and the reassurance that they’re making a long term investment. Furthermore, its price point makes its benefits accessible for many more potential customers to enjoy.”


Key Features/ Specifications:

  • The series comes with choices of WUXGA, 1080p, and WXGA resolution with up to 5,500 ANSI lumens of brightness and 20,000:1 contrast ratio for clear, crisp and bright projection images
  • Great flexibility with 1.65x zoom fixed lens and manual horizontal and vertical lens shift
  • Image adjustment is made easy with 4 corner corrections, horizontal and vertical keystone corrections
  • Built-in 2x 5W audio speakers with multiple audio interfaces to ensure your message is well heard
  • HDBaseT interface for long signal transmission (except DW4650Z)
  • DICOM* Simulation Mode for medical training and seminars
  • Compatible with NovoConnect Solution for wireless presentation and collaboration
  • Eco-friendly with automatic turning off function when there is no signal input for a period of time
  • ▪Compact size laser projector ideal for corporate meeting rooms

*Note: These projectors are not medical devices, and the “DICOM Simulation Mode” cannot be used for actual medical diagnosis purposes.

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