UltraClear resolution, UltraColor brilliance with Philips Monitors new 4K LCD Display

MMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, announces a new display that combines UltraClear 4K resolution with the extra-wide colour gamut of UltraColor technology and advanced Vertical Alignment (VA) technology for super-high contrast. The expansive 31.5-inch 328P6VJEB display gives users plenty of room to spread out and enjoy vivid, detailed reproduction in Ultra High Definition. With versatile connectivity and MHL support, it’s also designed to be supremely easy to connect and enjoy.

Engineered for precise reproduction
“This new Philips Monitors display was developed with professional users such as graphics designers, CAD engineers and finance experts in mind,” comments Artem Khomenko, Product Manager Philips monitors Europe at MMD. “These are people for whom accurate and vivid on-screen reproduction of fine detail is key to staying productive and effective at work. The combination of advanced colour and resolution technologies makes this display a great fit for professional users looking for extra colour accuracy and resolution at a highly affordable price point.”


UltraColor technology makes colour reproduction more accurate and brilliant. Supporting a wider gamut (95% of the NTSC gamut as opposed to the typical 72%), UltraColor produces more natural-looking greens, vivid reds and deeper blues by expanding the range of colours that users perceive on the display. It does this through changes to the actual chemistry of the panel, rather than by fine-tuning colour settings through software. UltraColor ensures that the colour on the screen is a closer match to that of real-life objects, benefiting both professional applications and after-hours media entertainment.

UltraColor is combined in this 31.5-inch display with the clarity and detail of UltraClear 4K resolution. With 3840 × 2160 pixels, UltraClear 4K delivers more than enough detail for demanding CAD applications, 3D graphics or for zeroing in on individual cells in complex financial spreadsheets.

Complementing its colour and resolution performance, the display also features VA technology, advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology that delivers super-high static contrast ratios for extra vivid and bright images: especially suitable for photos and demanding graphics applications.


Designed for professionals, by professionals
To connect efficiently with the plethora of data sources that graphics and design professionals routinely need in their work, the display features SmartConnect for 4K: the latest, advanced multi-connections enabling users to stream high-res uncompressed video and audio – and to enjoy full 4K resolution at 60 Hz for smooth visuals. The display also supports USB 3.0 with super-fast transfer rates of 5 GB per second. Other connectivity options include MHL, enabling users to employ mobile content with the much larger screen, excellent colour and resolution of the 328P6VJEB display.

Along with excellent connectivity, the display is designed with an array of features for added convenience. For example, it features Philips Flicker-free technology to minimize irritating screen flicker – which could otherwise cause eye fatigue after a long working day. Its SmartErgoBase can be tilted, swivelled and height-adjusted exactly to preference, which provides maximum viewing comfort and also keeps cables neat and tidy.


The new Philips 328P6VJEB display, with an RRP of £ 599.00, will be available at the end of October.

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